Environmental Policy

Environmental policy for the Steiermaerkische Bank and Sparkassen AG and its subsidiaries

Styria needs companies who take ecological and social responsibility for the region. The Steiermaerkische Sparkasse and its subsidiaries, such as the Office Cleaning Services BRS, are consciously aware of our responsibility to the environment, and this is an integral component of our corporate policy.

With the introduction of a certified environmental management system, regular meetings of the environmental team and continuous employee information in the form of notifications, workshops and classes, there is a continual exchange of information in all sensitive environmental areas.

The organizational position of the environmental protection on all levels is reflected in the positions of the environmental manager, the waste inspector and the members of the environmental team.

For the employees of the Steiermaerkische Sparkasse, the following principles have the highest priority for environment and waste management:

  • The responsible handling of natural resources, especially regarding paper.
  • The reduction and avoidance of trash, especially of toxic trash.
  • The efficient use of energy and the ongoing search for more energy saving possibilities.
  • The observance of the environmental laws and ordinances is a matter of course for the Steiermaerkische Sparkasse . Furthermore, our company pursues an active environmental policy which manifests itself in an open dialogue with employees, clients as well as with partners in the public sphere.

Environmentally responsible behavior is of great importance to our employees. An open and free exchange and continuous suggestions for improvement to the environmental team are always welcome.

The Board of the Steiermaerkische Sparkasse and the Management of the Office Cleaning Company of the Steiermaerkische Sparkasse.

Valid as of October 5th 2015.