Services & Performances

Our services & performances include both internal and external cleaning, as well as special cleaning. Together with our partners we stand for clean and environmentally friendly cleaning. Our employees are equipped with ecological and environment-oriented cleaning products (low use of chemicals) and the latest equipment to guarantee high cleaning quality and at the same time harm the environment as little as possible.

Indoor cleaning

  • Continuous maintenance cleaning, daily complete cleaning of defined areas
  • Visual cleaning, daily cleaning of general surfaces as required
  • Intermediate cleaning as additional intensive cleaning
  • Glass cleaning, removal of grip marks
  • Waste disposal

Special cleaning

  • Basic cleaning: complete removal of old dirt and care layers, lime soap, lime and rust deposits etc.
  • Construction cleaning
  • Floor cleaning: removing the coating and care film renovation, natural and artificial stone impregnation, parquet preparation, stone floor crystallization
  • Fabric cleaning: extraction of upholstered furniture
  • Carpet cleaning: treat fixed carpets with the wet, powder or dry cleaning method
  • Window cleaning: cleaning of glass and window surfaces including frame and frame
  • Garage cleaning: sweeping and mechanical cleaning
  • div. special cleaning on request

Outdoor cleaning

  • Facade cleaning: cleaning of facades and glass fronts with osmosis technology and if necessary with a lifting crane
  • Maintenance of green spaces: lawn cutting, pruning and maintenance
  • Cleaning of squares and pavements
  • High pressure cleaning


  • Meeting service and refill service of coffee machines
  • Dish service
  • Laundry service